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Flickcall Support

  1. Please update to version 10.0.2 to get Flickcall working on Hulu.
  2. If Flickcall is not starting on Netflix, please Turn Off Experimental Features.
  3. If you have issue joining the party, try these tips.
  4. Did you know Flickcall offers 30 minutes of free video/audio chat every week. 🙌

How can we help you with?

If you have a minute, please let us know what went wrong

Watch demo to setup watch party

To setup watch party,
1. Go to the movie/TV show page on Netflix,Hotstar, Primevideo, Youtube or Zee5.
2. Start playing the content and click Flickcall logo that appears at top right of the video or click Flickcall extension icon.
3. Once party is started, copy invite link and send to your friends.
Note: Logo will not appear until video starts playing.

I have done above and still facing the problem
Which steps are you facing problem with?

1.Please disable VPN extension if using any. Note:it should be disabled from chrome://extensions not just turned off.
2. Please switch to another internet connection if possible. Some internet connection are not webRTC friendly.
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👉 Sometimes playback events might be missed. Please join the party again after refreshing page. Write to us if problem still persist along with party invite link.

1. Restart your browser after closing all windows. Browsers sometimes loose access to webcam/mic.
2. In case you have denied access to webcam/mic, Please click icon left of URL address bar on top to reset permission and then try again.

3. If you are on windows, please make sure you grant access to camera and mic for Google Chrome (or the browser you are using). You can do this by going to Windows -> Settings -> Camera/Microphone Privacy Settings -> Make sure Google Chrome has access to it.
4. Make sure no other app is using webcam/mic. If you are using webcam/mic in other app, please close that app and try again.

Please send us more details about the issue you are facing using text box below.

1. Click Flickcall extension icon from top right browser menu.
2. Click settings option from the popup and select hide logo.

Thanks you! If you liked it please support us at or . Please write to us in case of any feedback.

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