Watch TV in sync with friends!

What makes Flickcall different?


Guaranteed Sync

Video players never go out of sync with our cutting edge technology, even with buffering hiccups.

Group Chat

Group Chat and Video Call

Watch your friends laughing with you. Emotions shared in real-time - this is the next best thing after being together.

Seamless Installation

Easy Installation

After installing extension, play the video and click Flickall logo at top right to start party. Easy-peasy!!

But most importantly - 'Pause and Talk' with Smart Mic

Mic is muted automatically during video play and activated whenever video is paused to engage in seamless conversations. So hit pause and start discussing.

Supported Platform

Create Netflix, Primevideo, Youtube, Disney+Hotstar & Zee5 watch parties with Flickcall

Supported Platform
Supported Platform
Supported Platform
Supported Platform

Privacy Friendly

Our peer to peer technology delivers your personal chats and calls directly to your friends instead of the traditional approach of routing it via servers.*

Normal Scenario
Supported Platform
FlickCall Scenario
Supported Platform

* In cases where firewall setting doesn't allow direct connection, the calls and messages are encrypted and routed via our servers.

There is nothing better than watching your favourite show with your loved ones, even when they are away.

So, Why watch alone?

Install Flickcall
Flickcall is a chrome extension that is not yet supported on mobile devices and tabs.
Please use desktop/laptop/macbook to install Flickcall.