Watch TV in sync with friends!

How it works?


Install Flickcall

Add Flickcall from here. Pin to chrome toolbar for easy access.


Play Video

Start playing video on Netflix or other supported platforms.


Create Watch-Party

Once video starts playing, click the Flickcall logo visible on top right to start watch-party (visible for 10 sec). You can also start party from Flickcall icon on chrome toolbar.


Invite Your Friends

Click start party and copy invite link. Send the invite link to anyone to join your watch party.

Supported on

Create watch parties on Netflix, Disney+, Hotstar, HBO Max, MAX, Hulu, Prime Video, Youtube, Zee5, Sony Liv, JioCinema with Flickcall.

What makes us different

HD Videos always in sync

Video players never go out of sync with our cutting edge technology, even across different episode. So binge watch party TV shows in single watch party.

Group chat and Video call

Watch your friends laughing with you, Emotions shared in real-time. This is the next best thing after being together.

Easy Installation

After installing extension, play the video and click Flickcall logo at top right to start party. Easy-peasy!!

Most importantly
'Pause and Talk' with Smart Mic

Mic is muted automatically during video play and activated whenever video is paused to engage in seamless conversations. So hit pause and start speaking.

Privacy Friendly

Our peer to peer technology delivers your personal chats and calls directly to your friends instead of the traditional approach of routing it via servers.

Normal Scenario
Supported Platform
FlickCall Scenario
Supported Platform

* In some cases, firewall setting doesn't allow direct connection, the calls and messages are encrypted and routed via our servers.

What people are saying about FlickCall

"Flickcall has given me and my friends a new experience for watching anything together. The range of video platform support and the video call feature is one of its own for Indian marketplace where you cannot find much extensions supporting all of them at once and working so well. Have been using the extension for quite some time now and the video call sync, has been pretty good if not perfect. 💯"

-Anirudh Sharma On Chrome Web Store

"My 12 year old daughter had Flickcall with her aunt. None of them needed my help to setup. It is flawless. Thank you for good memories 😀"

-Shelly via Email

"Always tried to find something like this. There were different extensions for Netflix, Hotstar, Prime and now it is all in one. Moreover, we can be in video call with our friends, partners and family. It really works great. Perfect sync. Pause and talk with Smart mic option. This is the best available. Loved it. ❤️"

-Divyarup Chakraborty on Chrome Web Store

"Flickcall is no brainer for long distance relationship. Binge watching shows on Netflix together is part of our weekend routine now."

-Diana via Email

"Just wanna thank you again for designing such a great function. Its a lifesaver for long distance relationships :)"

-Yuenyi Au via Email

"found this extension by myself, super proud of myself 😂😂, and i approved! just google flickcall then, install the extension..and you are good to go! ✊🏼"

-@blupblupjane on Twitter

"My gf and I switched to Flickcall from Teleparty. Watching and listening to each other while enjoying the show is priceless. Thank you team. Cheers!!"

-Brad via Email

"Pake Flickcall, Kak Babas. Nobar Netflix, Disney, bahkan YouTube lancar jaya 👌 Translation - Use Flickcall, Sis Babas. Netflix, Disney, and even YouTube are running smoothly."

-@ibazss On Twitter

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do everyone in Flickcall watch-party need their own account for Netflix, Hotstar etc?

If your plan supports watching on more than one device, you can share the same account with friends and watch together on Flickcall. Eg. premium or standard account in Netflix. Otherwise, all participants must have a separate account for the streaming services on which they are planning watch-party. Please refer to the subscription plan or the respective streaming services.

Can you do Flickcall watch party on mobile?

Mobile and tablets browsers do not support extensions in general. However Kiwi browser supports installing extension from chrome web store and users have successfully used Flickcall on mobile device. If you use android device, try out Kiwi browser and add Flickcall.

Which streaming platforms are supported by Flickcall?

Flickcall supports the following steaming platform for watch parties with video call.

  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • Hotstar
  • HBO Max
  • MAX
  • Hulu
  • Prime Video
  • Youtube
  • Zee5
  • Sony Liv
  • JioCinema

Does Flickcall support watch party on Jiocinema?

Yes, starting version 8.5.0, user can create watch party on Jiocinema. To create watch party on Jiocinema, install the extension, play the video and click Flickcall logo at top right to start party.

Zoom vs Flickcall. Why I need Flickcall when I can use screen share via Zoom?

Zoom, Hangout and other such services enable watch-parties by streaming the screen of the host to all participants. These services degrade quality of video & audio in doing so. On the other hand, Flickcall will sync the playback over the original content(HD/4k) in native streaming platform. This leads to no loss in quality.

The best analogy will be watching a cam rip version (zoom, hangout, discord) vs original 4k (Flickcall) of a movie.

Does Hotstar watch-party on Flickcall supports live matches like IPL?

Yes, Flickcall fully supports Hotstar watch party for movies, TV shows & live matches. However, smart mic feature is disabled for live matches as pausing a live match doesn't make sense.

Does Flickcall support binge-watching TV shows or should I create a separate party for each episode?

Flickcall supports binge-watching, meaning you need to create party once and the videos will be synced even across the multiple episodes. Nothing better than spending weekends watching your favorite shows with your loved ones and eating popcorn at the comfort of your home.

Can I enjoy full playlist in one Youtube watch-party? What If I want to watch many videos during a watch-party?

You can enjoy the full playlist on Youtube in a single watch-party. Not only that, participants can switch to a different video during the party and it will start playing for everyone. It is like a perfect remote DJ.

Is Flickcall safe? Are my chats stored? Is my video stream encrypted?

Yes, Flickcall is perfectly safe and privacy friendly by design. Your chats never reach our servers, so never stored. We use p2p technology to deliver personal communication directly to the intended recipient instead of routing it via our server. Similarly video call streams are end-to-end encrypted.

While other service providers collect chat and later delete, we never route it via our servers at first place. However, in some cases where p2p connection is blocked, messages are routed via by our servers using secure encryption.

Experience a whole new way to watch together with Flickcall.

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Browsers on mobile and tablets do not support extensions except for Kiwi browser.

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