Host a Netflix Watch Party with Flickcall

Sync your streams, see your friends.
Watch together on Netflix with Flickcall live chat & video.
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Discover the Ultimate Watch Party Experience with Flickcall

Long distance? No Problem!

Flickcall enables watching Netflix together with friends and family, no matter where they are, with perfectly synced playback. This is the most fun way of enjoying movies remotely.
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Enhance your Netflix watch-party experience with live chat & video.

Flickcall adds video chat to Netflix so that you can watch reaction in real time, making it feel like you're watching together.

How it works?


Install Flickcall

Add Flickcall from here. Pin to chrome toolbar for easy access.


Play Video

Start playing video on Netflix or other supported platforms.


Create Watch-Party

Once video starts playing, click the Flickcall logo visible on top right to start watch-party (visible for 10 sec). You can also start party from Flickcall icon on chrome toolbar.


Invite Your Friends

Click start party and copy invite link. Send the invite link to anyone to join your watch party.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If your Netflix subscription plan supports watching on more than one device, you can share your Netflix account with friends. Eg standard plan supports 2 screens at a time, you can share your Netflix account with 1 other friends and watch together on Flickcall. For more details, check out Netflix plan.

Yes, you can watch Netflix shows with your friends who are in different countries, if that movie/TV show is available in both countries. Flickcall supports cross-country watch parties. However, the availability of the movie/TV show may vary from country to country and completely controlled by streaming platform.

Flickcall supports binge-watching TV shows. You can create a watch-party for the first episode and continue watching the next episode without creating a new party in sync with your friends.

Yes, Flickcall is perfectly safe and privacy-friendly by design. Your chats never reach our servers, so never stored. We use p2p technology to deliver personal communication directly to the intended recipient instead of routing it via our server. Similarly video call streams are end-to-end encrypted.

While other service providers collect chat and later delete, we never route it via our servers at first place. However, in some cases where p2p connection is blocked, messages are routed via by our servers using secure encryption.

Other Supported Platforms

Experience a whole new way to host watch Party on Netflix with Flickcall

Mobile and tablet browsers do not support extensions except for Kiwi browser.

To install Flickcall,
- Please use desktop/laptop/macbook or
- Download Kiwi Browser on Android (Flickcall don't officially support or endorse Kiwi browser)
Go to extension page